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Earning for Webmasters

Have You got a website? Do You know, that You can effective earn money in biggest world internet company – Google? Here You will get detailed information about the Adsense advertising program, which enables to earn money from Your website. Signing up an account at Google Adsense is really easy – You only have to fill a short application form and write Your username at Google Accounts (Google Accounts user is user with his password at Gmail service, if You have it. If You not, You can make it in few seconds using Your actual e-mail).
Google Ads is an offer for webmasters, who want to earn money on their webpages by putting on them ads, connected with the content of websites. It’s obviously the best, most popular and best paid advertising program over the world. There are about few millions of members of Google Adwords contextual ads. Practically, You can be almost sure, that there will never be lack of ads on Your website, in consequence Your profits will have no break. We are getting money for every click on ad arranged on our website. Prices of those clicks are very different – starting with 1 cent and ending on few dollars per click. Prices are connected with content of the site – reliable, popular site, about expensive houses or exclusive yachts will obviously have much better paid ads than a site about music. As a Google Adsense user I can say, that prices on music sites are average 7-10 cents per click. How much daily will You earn it’s just up to You. For more information, I encourage to read thread “How much will I earn?”.
How much will I earn?
Your profits are up to You, as it has been said before. The most important factor, having impact on Your revenue is obviously the popularity of Your site. Next is ratio between clicks on ads and page views (called CTR). Last one is a price for click, which You have lowest influence on (but You still have – see Ads Filter).
Most important is to increase amount your daily traffic. But how to increase it? Either easiest or the best idea to increase daily visits is updating the content of the site. Of course design of our site also matters – site don’t have to be a miracle of graphic technology, but it should be clear for users. Remember – good sites are getting more popular by Silent Marketing – recommending Your site by users. Except from content update, You should also promote Your website by many different places available in the internet. Very good idea for promoting website is link exchange with sites with the same subject, adding site to the toplists, directories and advertising site by different communication solutions, like forums and so on.
Next thing, on which depend Your profits is CTR ratio, which is mostly connected with a placement of ads on Your site. Ads should be arranged in places well seen by Your users. Good idea is to place for example link units (You can read about them in thread Ad Formats) below menu or place on the left or right side of webpage banner called Wide Sky-Scraper. More about most profitable ads placement You can find in thread Ad Placement.
Enough theory, let’s see the practical side. To earn minimum payout limit (100$) in few months, with well placed ads, our site has to have about 50 unique visits daily. Of course equal to increasing visits our revenue will also increase - Google Adsense has no limits with monthly revenue (a lot of webmasters are earning over 100 thousands dollars monthly – but they a really huge daily traffic on their sites). Google Adsense doesn’t set limit of websites per user, so You can make the traffic on a few or even few hundreds of websites. Google doesn’t require to inform them about every new website – once accepted application is enough and You can put Your ad codes on no limit number of websites (except from sites containing porn and some other forbidden subjects – more about Google Adsense rules You can find in thread Important Information). Earned money is paid out monthly after every exceed 100$ (more in Payments thread)

Ad Formats

Google Adsense offers a lot of different ad formats, which displays different amount of ads. You can put up to 3 ad units per website (which can be all of them in 1 format) and 1 link unit. Some of these ad units show also graphic banners(not only text boxes). You can either set ad boxes or ad links, which can be placed near menu and being similar to Your sites menu, increasing amount of clicks. More tips about placing ads on site You can find in thread Ad Placement. Below You can see examples of ad boxes. Showing link units is pointless (there are just text links, which are bringing us money). More about link units also in thread Ads Placement.

Ads format

Banner 120x240 pixels - Displays max 2 ad boxes
Banner Sky-Scraper 120x600 pixels - Displays max 4 ads boxes
Banner Wide Sky-Scraper 160x600 pixels - Displays max 5 ad boxes
Banner 234x60 pixels - Displays max 2 ad boxes
Square 250x250 pixels - Displays max 3 ad boxes
Banner Rectangle 300x250 pixels - Displays max 4 ad boxes
Banner Rectangle 336x280 pixels - Displays max 4 ad boxes
Banner 468x60 pixels - Displays max 2 ad boxes
Banner Leaderboard 120x240 pixels - Displays max 2 ad boxes

Competitive Ads Filter

Google allows users of Adsense to filter ads of competitive websites. It’s often used to eliminate ads of competitive sites to Yours, but You can also use it to increase Your revenue. Filter is working in way, that when You add there competitive website url, this website’s ad will not be displayed on Your site. Unfortunately, a lot of people are advertising their sites using almost all keywords, paying less that 1 cent per click. Obviously, You don’t want these clicks, so You have to filter these sites. Actually, some of these less-paying sites are: and sites, which address contain top_x_sites. Filtering them will maximize Your revenue.

Ads Placement

Ads placement has got enormous influence on CTR ratio – ads well shown to users will make higher click amount, which follows to increase Your profit. Most common thing is to make ads simmilar to Your site – users looking at the ad should think it’s just a part of Your website, which they would like to see at that moment. It will make more people click on it. Also good idea is to ads below menu of Your site (very useful are link units). At popular cms systems, like phpnuke it’s worth to put LeaderBoard ad (about formats You can read in thread Ad Formats) below logo of Your website. Ad should be similar to website, so if You place ad below the logo, ad should have same color as background, without frame and font should have color like default website’s font color. On this kind of sites menu is usually on left or right side. Below Your main menu You should set vertical link unit. You can also put ad somewhere between the content of website. If You are not sure how to place ads on Your site and You have signed up to Google Adsense after reading this guide, You can send an e-mail to me. You can find that e-mail in Contact section. As an experienced user I can help You with Ads Replacing, guarantying, that You will reach highest possible CTR ratio.
A lot of people wonder how Google is paying out money earned by Google Adsense. Minimum payout is 100$. When You reach 50$ there will be sent PIN code on address given in application form, which have to verify Your address. Google says, that PIN comes about a month after it’s sent. Practically it’s about 2-3 weeks, depening on where You live. After reaching 100$, when the month is about to end, money earned in that month (or a period of time – if 100$ was reaching longer than 1 month) is counted – appears in Payout History. 15th day of following month is ultimate date to set personal information to payout (You have to choose if You want get paid via check or bank transfer) and tax information. You sent Google information about the method of paying tax - if You have got company in USA, Google can pay 30% of tax for You. After setting tax information You have to choose payout method. Check is much worse than bank transfer, because of long time of waiting and possible problems with realization of checks in banks. Check sent by DHL courier (costs 20$) comes about 26th-30st day of month (dates given by Google says more, but for practically it takes about that). Best choice is to set paYout method by bank transfer. If You are going to choose this option, You have to put Your account number max to 5th-10th day of the month, during which You want to get Your money. When You put account number there will be transferred low amount of money, which You have to write in Account Settings. By that Your bank account could be verified (it must be done max 15th day of a month, which You wish to get paid). If You write that amount, You will get Your payout about 24th-25th day of month.For example:1st March – You have signed up to Google Adsense;17th March – You have reached 50$ (PIN has been sent);7th-14th April – PIN arrived;15th April – You have reached 100$ earned on ads (of course it may happen before PIN will arrive);30th April - Summary (account balance: 130$);15th May – Ultimate date to write amount, which will verify bank account number and set tax information;24th-25th May – Money is on Your account (You earned 130$); - if You chose bank transfer29th May-1 June – Check arrives (if You choose check via courier);20th-25th June – Check arrives (if You chose simple post office)

Important information

Being Google Adsense user, You have to comply with some rules or Your account will get banned and earned money will be lost.
Most common rules, which You must respect:
Never click on Your own ads (even for test, clicks also can't be generated automatically – they must be done by users)
Never encourage people to click Your ads by any way (asking friends, marking ads as better seen with signs telling to click, don’t use “click here”, only thing You can write around Google ads are words: Ads or Sponsored Links) – it’s one of most often mistakes made by webmasters, and they are losing their accounts. If one account is banned, it’s impossible to make a new one.
Don’t mark ads with any arrows, pulsing borders, don’t set them to pop-up or frames – just don’t make it look like “click me”
Don’t use any robots or scripts generating false clicks
Don’t put ads on any warez, porn, insulting or not polite sites
Don’t touch structure of the ads code – just copy and paste it, don’t do anything for Your own
If You will follow and respect these rules, You will never get banned. Google never ban accounts for free – You don’t risk unjustified lose of earned money. Of course except from following rules You can do a lot of things to maximize Your profit. How to do it was written before. At the end visit the FAQ thread

TradeDoubler - is it really it?

Tradedoubler is a partnership program, which connects affiliate programs from many companies. Unfortunately, TradeDoubler, as the other partnership programs can’t be compared with Adsense. After registering to TradeDoubler you are able to choose permament banners of some big companies. Banners are not automatically adjust to content of the website, so daily clicks ratio is not high. You can choose payment for user’s action – registering in some system, etc. or payment for clicks. If you don’t have really good, specialized website, payment for buying sth is almost impossible, so better choose is payment for clicks (only few partnership programs united by TradeDoubler have such option – unfortunately, there are just a little advertisers). Unfortunately clicks are paid much more less than clicks at Adsense, what was mentioned in thread about Google Adsense, because Adsense may have click worth more than a dollar per one and TradeDoubler has set permament price, most often it’s about few cents. Connecting with much lower CTR ratio, TradeDoubler brings much more less money than Google Adsense. Having on mind payout difficulties (what can take even 2 months!) TradeDoubler is much worse than Google Adsense.


Peakclick is also the PPC program. It is good paid, but You have to have huge amount of traffic on Your site. Peakclick is mostly popular for spammers - they can send there their traffic and earn really much money. Advertisers from Peakclick want to have a lot of targeted traffic on their sites, they advertise sites in Peakclick search engine - practicaly, You have to destroy Your site, to earn money in Peakclick - You have change your site into the search engine, so You will lost your visitors. There are 2 types of Peakclick - standard (it has got really low CPCs - about couple of cents) and advanced (for some keys it has CPC over 2-3$). Unfortunately, to have advanced Peakclick You have to earn at least 50$ a day. It is only possible with traffic about 10-20 thousands of unique visitors a day (this visitors have to come to Your site by other search enignes - for example Google, MSN or Yahoo because, if You'll destroy Your website, there will be no returning visitors on Your site). Sumarized - PeakClick is a good CPC program, but only for spam, for normal sites - Adsense is trully the best.


Q: How can I add more sites to my account?
A: If site is not breaking Google Adsense rules, just paste the Adsense code, You don’t need to inform Google.
Q: When ads will appear on my site?
A: Immediately after pasting the code. Although, good matching of ads may take more time.
Q: Can I have more accounts?
A: No, one person can own only one Google Adsense account.
Q: Do my users see same ads as me?
A: Generally yes, but it depends for example on location – there are other ads displayed in Germany than in the USA.
Q: Can I place other ads on site?
A: Yes, but there can't be other ads connecting automatically with the content excepting Google Adsense. Of course all banners paid for view are allowed. On one websites You can place up to 3 Google Adsense ad units and 1 link unit. All 3 ad units can be in same format.

From : Reklamy Google. Wszelkie Prawa Zastrzeżone.

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